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Empowering single parents
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Empowerment for Sustainable
Initiative Foundation

ESI Foundation is committed to sustainability and believes that responsible business practices are crucial for the long-term success of a country, its people, businesses, and the communities in which they operate. ESI recognized the benefits of a better community. This is why we are committed to working with communities to provide assistance through capacity building where vulnerable and marginalized groups achieve their full potential and contribute to society

We find practical and innovative ways to help people lift themselves out of poverty and thrive. This is achieved by providing them with an enabling environment where everyone is self-empowered to contribute to developmental initiatives.

Impacting community and welfare
humanitarian programs

ESI wants to help those in need of becoming self-sufficient in the long-term as well as meeting their immediate needs. ESI provides children with the proper infrastructure in schools such as supplies, books, library resources, and even school uniforms to train them for their eventual role in society and compete internationally. ESI contributes towards teacher salaries to help them focus on their responsibilities at school.

Furthermore, ESI sponsors relief programs such as medical resources, providing mosquito nets to local communities, and more importantly, access to clean water and sanitation. Our mission is to provide equipment and training to qualified healthcare personnel to help them fulfill their medical responsibilities.

Strengthening community capacity
through local initiatives

ESI spearheads local community initiatives that have a cultural and social capital. These initiatives are creative, diverse, fun, and meaningful, and they bring the community together. Recreational activities such as sports and cultural events are used to bring people together and celebrate the things that bind them.

Our local initiatives are only made possible due to the passionate people we work with and the generous donations from our benefactors.

Sponsor a child

Be part of the cause to make a child smiles. Your generous donation or sponsoring a child can make a big difference in the child's life.
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Give a helping hand to single mothers

Give a helping hand to single mothers. There are plenty of single mothers who will appreciate the difference you making in their lives.
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ESI helping those in need of becoming self–sufficient in the long-term and meeting their immediate needs. Children 2018 Christmas party in —Monrovia, Libeia—

2019 Christmas Party with the local

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ESI team celebrating July 4th independence day with the homeless in various communities

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