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Incorporating sustainability into humanitarian organizations is the need of the hour. This includes supply chain and field operations of an organization, covering the important dimensions of sustainable development: social equity, environmental preservation, and economic efficiency. Our program will identify challenges associated with implementing sustainable initiatives in a humanitarian context.

Empowering Women and Youth

At ESI, we strongly believe in the role of women and the youth in bringing about a positive change. ESI is engaging with the youth by empowering and mobilizing them to bring about transformational change with respect to socio-economic development and promoting conservation. Our objective is to promote sustainable lifestyles and futures. For youth under the age of 18, our focus is to foster their talent and build skills to engage in activities that promote development.

Providing and Promoting
Healthcare Services

Although short-term aid programs provide relief to communities stricken with infectious diseases, the real issue is the absence of a strong healthcare system. To address this, our focus is to provide better healthcare infrastructure to local communities. Our focus is to leverage digital technology, improve skills, knowledge, and resource to create collaboration among the key stakeholders.

2019 Christmas Party with the local

Poor healthcare services are one of the biggest problems in many communities in Liberia. ESI wants to change that by working with local healthcare facilities and experts to strengthen and provide the best healthcare needed for poor communities. We are also going to work with our communities to provide the neccessary trainings in health awareness. Get Involved Today ›

Offering Opportunities for Adult Literary
and Micro-Agriculture Projects

The literacy of the youth is linked with developmental goals. It is what binds together all the components of a successful society including health, economic activity, and most of all, agriculture. ESI provides local businesses and farmers with funding, revenue-generating skills, and systemic training to promote their agrarian economy. Our literacy program is meant to improve women’s knowledge of food provisions and agriculture production.

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